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Debit/ATM Cards

VISA debit cards are available with all checking accounts, making it fast and easy to make purchases at virtually any business establishment.  They are a convenient and secure way to access your funds on the go, for everyday purchases (groceries, gas, etc.), and cash anywhere Visa is accepted.  Please see our New Accounts Representatives today for more information.

  • Mobile WalletApple Pay Google Pay, and Samsung Pay allow you to use your mobile device to make purchases at participating merchants.  It is a safe and secure payment method where your card number is never stored or seen by the merchant.  You can simply add your card to the app on your supported mobile device and you are ready to use the mobile wallet feature.
  • SecurLOCK Equip:  Now the power to protect your Bank of Winnfield debit card is in your hands with SecurLOCK Equip. This free mobile app lets you control when, where and how your debit card is used. Features include:
    • Turn card on and off
    • Receive instant transaction alerts
    • View recent transactions
    • Set merchant locations
    • Set transaction spend limits
    • Select geographic locations where the card can be used.

    SecurLOCK Equip can be used with both Bank of Winnfield consumer and business debit cards. Download SecurLOCK Equip app today!

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SecurLOCK Equip - Frequently Asked Questions

Bank of Winnfield Visa Business Debit Card

Bank of Winnfield VISA Business Debit Cards are available for your business checking needs.  You can use it anywhere VISA cards are accepted for such items as gas, client events, business travel, supplies, purchase orders, expenses, and withdraw cash from ATMs.  It is a safe and secure alternative to carrying cash.  Please see a New Accounts Representative for more information today.

Bank of Winnfield ATM (Kitty) Card

Our Bank of Winnfield ATM (Kitty) card is also available for checking and savings so you can make withdrawals, balance inquiries, and transfers between accounts at ATM locations nationwide.  It can also be used at merchants participating in the PULSE Pay network.

Lost or Stolen Debit/ATM Card

To report your debit/ATM card lost or stolen during regular business hours, please call our Bookkeeping Department at 318-628-2167 or 318-628-4677.  If your card is lost or stolen outside of normal business hours, please call our monitoring system at 800-500-1044.

Fraud or Compromise

If you think your card has been compromised due to fraudulent activity, please call the Bank of Winnfield Bookkeeping Department as soon as possible at 318-628-2167 or 318-628-4677.  Be advised you may also need to contact the company where the transaction originated.