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Personal Savings Accounts

Personal savings and investment accounts can be critical to your long-term financial success and security. That’s why Bank of Winnfield offers a number of options to help you set aside money for unexpected expenses and emergencies or simply to build a nest egg.

Regular Savings Account

Designed for customers who want to begin or maintain a regular savings plan.

  • Minimum to open $100
  • Two withdrawals per month at no charge. If minimum balance for the month falls below $200, additional withdrawals are $2 each. If balance remains above $200, there is no charge for additional withdrawals.
  • $25 fee for accounts closed within 90 days
Minimum Balance Service Charge
$25 or more No charge
Less than $25 $2 a month

Certificates of Deposit(CD)

If you're looking for an FDIC insured investment paying a higher interest rate, a Certificate of Deposit may be right for you. We can customize a certificate of deposit to meet your needs with maturities from 31 days to 4 years.

  • Minimum to open $1000
  • Certificates of Deposit of $100,000 or more receive a higher rate of interest
  • Penalties are assessed for early withdrawals

Christmas Club Account

Designed for customers who want to save for the holidays.

  • Minimum to open $20
  • No partial withdrawals are allowed
  • $5 fee for accounts closed before October 31
  • Interest accrued will be forfeited on accounts closed before October 31
  • Checks will be issued and mailed to customers after October 31

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Start saving for your future by opening an Individual Retirement Account. Regular IRAs and Roth IRAs are available. See a new account representative for details.