Mobile Banking

Accessing your accounts on the go couldn't be easier with Bank of Winnfield's free mobile banking. To be able to access mobile banking, you must first enroll in online banking, which you can do by visiting our home page and clicking on "Enroll Now." After you have logged in to your online account, these are the steps you will take to access your accounts via your mobile device:

  1. Log into your Internet banking account and click on Other Services.
  2. Click on Mobile.
  3. Read the Mobile Banking Agreement, which contains the terms and conditions of use. Check the box next to "I Accept" and submit to continue.
  4. Click on the Enroll link and enter the requested details, including a mobile login ID and PIN that you select and your mobile number. Click Submit.
  5. After you enroll, you will receive two text messages on your mobile device--the first requesting you to reply YES to finish your enrollment and the second one providing you with the URL for the mobile site.
  6. Once you reply YES, you will receive two additional text messages--one confirming your enrollment and then another providing you with the six digit SMS/text number for mobile banking.

Supported Apps

iPhone App Download

The iPhone App is free and available now for Apple devices. To download the Bank of Winnfield app, simply access the App Store from your mobile device and search for Bank of Winnfield. Click "install" to download app. You will be asked to enter your iTunes account information to complete installation.

Android App Download

The Android App is free and available now for devices running the Android operating system. To download the Bank of Winnfield Android app, simply access the Android Market from your mobile device and search for Bank of Winnfield.

Mobile Deposit

Conveniently deposits checks from anywhere using your Smartphone or Tablet.

Bank of Winnfield's Mobile Deposit feature within the Mobile Banking App allows you to deposit checks up to $5,000. 

With Mobile Deposit you can:

  • Save yourself a trip to the bank. No more lines, no more deposit slips, and no more working your schedule around branch hours.
  • Select the eligible checking or savings account to which you would like to deposit your check.
  • Snap a photo of the front and back of your endorsed check to securely submit it for deposit processing.
  • View your deposit history, including accepted, failed and pending deposits.

Deposit Tips:

  • Properly endorse the back of the check.
  • Keep checks tens days, then securely destroy
  • Same-day credit for deposits submitted before 2:00 pm on business days (will not memo post)
  • Check your email for status updates of check deposit
  • Deposit Received does not mean Deposit Approved.                                            

Mobile Browser Banking

When using the web browser on your mobile phone, you can check account balances, transfer money, and locate ATMs and banking offices. If you are set up to use our Bill Pay service, you can even pay bills using the browser on your mobile phone.

Text/SMS Banking

Use either your smartphone or regular cell phone to access your account information through BOW's Mobile Banking. If you can send a text message or SMS, you can request information about your balances and recent transactions.

Text 12057196397 with one of these commands:

  • B Balance: View available balances for all accounts
  • H History: View recent transactions per account
  • C Command: Show available Text Banking actions
  • HE Help: View help for Text Banking
  • S Stop: Unenroll from Text Banking Services.

Mobile Device Security

  • Use passcodes to protect mobile devices and enable screen-lock features after inactivity
  • Turn off mobile features that are not being used
  • Before downloading any app, read reviews about the app developer or company publishing the app and understand user app permissions that will be allowed once the app is downloaded
  • Install mobile malware protection
  • Install antivirus and file integrity software
  • Turn off geo-location when not in use
  • Avoid connecting to unknown wireless networks, which might be rogue access points that capture information passed between your device and a legitimate server
  • Reset or wipe devices before they are sold or traded
  • Keep smart-phone patches and upgrades up to date
  • Avoid clicking on links or software downloads from unknown sources
  • Use the same precautions on a mobile device as you would use on a PC

Read our Mobile Privacy Policy.